My Review Of The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Knife

Who would've believed that slicing down trees and brush could be so simple and simple and easy?

Cold Steel's brand-new Gurkha Kukri will make nearly any task look like kid's play.

Although The Gurkha Kukri looks excellent enough to place on screen and impress your good friends, it's apparent that Cold Steel didn't make it to rest on a rack. This thing is a workhorse all the method.

Exactly what I like about the knife:

1. The blade is made from VG-1 San Mai 3 steel. This indicates that you wont need to hone your blade barely at all. VG-1 steel is well-known for remaining sharp after the most difficult usage possible.

2. The checkered kraton manage supplies a fantastic grip. Even if your hands are damp, slimy or sticky you can feel great that they will not slip off of the manage.

3. The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri is made with a complete tang. This indicates that the blade steel goes all the method to the end of the manage. Since of this, you do not have to stress over the blade separating from the manage.

4. The blade is much heavier to the front. This is handy since it makes your task of slicing, hacking or slicing that a lot easier.

5. Cold Steel supplies a rugged "Secure-ex" sheath, which is a difficult plastic product. I like the sheath a lot since you do not have to stress over it being messed up by rain, snow, or excess heat.

6. The blade's spinal column is 5/16" thick. As soon as you hold the knife, you will find the real cutting power and sturdiness of this fantastic knife.

Exactly what I didn't like:

1. With a recommended retail worth of $64999, The San Mai Gurkha Kukri isn't really the least expensive knife out there.

If you're trying to find a knife that loads the very same punch at a more sensible rate, attempt the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri in SK-5 carbon steel or Carbon V steel. These knives retail at about $150


I personally advise the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri. It will pass any test that you put it through and last you a life time.

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